Jeremiah 23:4 NIV
I will place shepherds over them who will tend to them, and they will no longer be afraid or terrified, nor will any be missing, declares the Lord.
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fbi says to monitor kids computers
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YOUR CHILD IS AT RISK! Every day, your child is exposed to: cyber bullying, sexting, pornography, sexual predators !
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"Monitor your child's access to all types of live electronic communications (i.e., chat rooms, instant messages, Internet Relay Chat, etc.), and monitor your child's e-mail. Computer-sex offenders almost always meet potential victims via chat rooms. After meeting a child on-line, they will continue to communicate electronically often via e-mail."
Below is taken from the FBI A Parent's Guide to Internet Safety
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Now is the time to protect your kids. Consider what is right for the protection of your children and safety of your home.
Protecting your kids on-line
Designed for parents peace of mind
"Our goal is to give parents information and tools that they can use to keep their kids safe online. Safety should always be a priority over privacy when it comes to our children. If you believe that you should not invade your children's privacy for any reason, then this site may offend you. As a parent, you have a right and an obligation to do everything in your power to ensure the well being and safety of your kids."...
The My Net Shepherd Team
"MyNetShepherd" was created to help parents shepherd their children without taking away their independence and social interaction.
Make a commitment to become familiar with the technology your children use
and to stay current with Internet safety issues.
Use these prodocts as Parenting Tools
Kids are feeling pressured to post provocative pictures, videos, and blog
about their deepest personal experiences in a very public forum.
PROTECT YOUR CHILD NOW! Monitoring or blocking software installed on your child’s computer is your weapon of safety!
*Phone based tech-support is available.
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